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FC2023 Proceeding

Table of Contents



Case Study in Developing Extensible Virtual Assistant Using Genie Framework

Yi-Ting Wu, Albert Chang, Yu Hung Tsai, Po-Chuan Wang, Tinghao Chen and Jeng-Wei Lin


A Study on the Improvement of Navigation Accuracy with ArUco Markers

Seung-Been Lee, Dong-Hyun Jo, Min-Ho Kim, Hee-Bum Kim, Byeong-Gwon Kang


Multi-Feature Data Generation for Design Technology Co-Optimization: A Study on WAT and CP

Shih-Nung Chen and Shi-Hao Chen


LNMER-Net: A Metabolically Enhanced Lymph Node Metastasis Recognition Model Based on Lung Lymph Nodes and Microenvironment

Lingyun Wang, Huiyan Jiang, Yang Zhou, Qiu Luan, Bulin Du, Yaming Li, Xuena Li and Yan Pei


Key Factors for Unsubscribing from YouTube Channels: A Study of YouTubers in Taiwan

Hsuan-Che Yang and Wen-Chih Chang


Practical Research on AI Visual Focus Analysis in Online Teaching

Ming-Feng Lee, Guey-Shya Chen, Ming-Zhi Cheng, Hui-Chien Chen and Jian-Zhi Chen


Proximity Capacitive Gesture Recognition for Recursive Neighbor Memory Neural Network

Chao-Ting Chu and Jia-Wei Chang


Design of a Fair Distributed Computing Platform based on Distributed Ledger Technology and Performance Measurements

Bo-Yan Liao, Jai-Wei Chang and Hao-Shang Ma


A Study on the Design of Eye and Eyeball Method based on MTCNN

Cheng-Yu Hsueh, Jason C. Hung, Jian-Wei Tzeng, Hui-Chun Huang and Chun-Hong Huang


A Comparative Study of GPT-2 and GPT-2 Based on Enhanced Self-Attention Mechanism

Wei-Hung Tu, Neil Yen and Yan Pei


A Novel Few-Shot Learning with Meta-Gradient Memory

Lin Hui, Yi-Cheng Chen and Pin-Chen Tseng


Case classification system based on Taiwanese civil summary court cases

Ming-Yi Chen, Jia-Wei Chang, Hsiao-Chin Lo and Ying-Hung Pu


Innovative Interaction Mode in VR Games

Yi-Chun Liao


A study on the integration of worked examples and blended learning in the curriculum during the COVID-19 epidemic

Hung Sun and Shu-Wei Chang


An Intelligent Thermal Compensation System Using Edge Computing for Machine Tools

Lu-Yan Wang, Chao-Tung Yang, Jung-Chun Liu, Cheng-Kai Huang and Shih-Jie Wei


Cluster-Based Blockchain Systems for Multi-Access Edge Computing

Chih Peng Lin and Hui Yu Fan


ADDIE Instructional Design Model combined with AI Technology in the Design of an Auxiliary Correction System for IPOTA

Yung-Hui Chen, Chun-Hsiung Tseng, Lin Hui, Tony C. T. Kuo, Jian-Yu Chen and Jeffrey Kurniawan Chandra


Scanning QR codes for object detection based on Yolo-v7 algorithm and deblurring generative adversarial network

Huan Chen, Hsin-Yao Hsu, Kuan-Ting Lin, Jia-You Hsieh, Yi-Feng Chang and Bo-Chao Cheng


Positive-Unlabeled Learning with Field of ViewConsistency for Histology Image Segmentation

Xiaoqi Jia, Chong Fu, Jiaxin Hou and Wenjian Qin


Cryptanalysis and Improvement to Two Key-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption Schemes for Weighted Threshold Gates

Yi-Fan Tseng and Pin-Hao Chen


Applying Virtual Reality to Teaching the Law of Conservation of Energy in Physics

Yang Tung-Hua, Yang Yi-Ru , Huang Ching-Chi 


An Efficient Edge-Based Index for Processing Collective Spatial Keyword Query on Road Networks

Ye-In Chang, Jun-Hong Shen and Sheng-Yang Lin


Joint Multi-view Feature Network for Automatic Diagnosis of Pneumonia with CT Images

Hao Cui, Fujiao Ju and Jianqiang Li


Ensemble Deep Learning Techniques for Advancing Breast Cancer Detection and Diagnosis

Adam M.Ibrahim, Jianqiang Li and Yan Pei


Enhanced Multipath QUIC Protocol with Lower Path Delay and Packet Loss Rate

Chih-Lin Hu, Fang-Yi Lin, Wu-Min Sung, Nien-Tzu Hsieh, Yung-Hui Chen and Lin Hui


Implementation of A Deep Learning-based Application for Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders’ Classification in Occupational Medicine

Yu-Wei Chan, Yi-Cyuan Tseng, Yu-An Chen, Yu-Tse Tsan, Chen-Yen Liu, Shang-Zhe Lu, Li-Fan Xu and Chao-Tung Yang


Single-to-Multi Music Track Composition Using Interactive Chaotic Evolution

Ying Kai Hung, Yan Pei and Jianqiang Li


A Fairness-aware Load Balancing Strategy in Multi-Tenant Clouds

Yu-Teng Chen and Kuan-Chou Lai


Comments on a Double-Blockchain Assisted Data Aggregation Scheme for Fog-Enabled Smart Grid

Pei-Yu Lin, Ya-Fen Chang, Pei-Shih Chang and Wei-Liang Tai


Pavement Distress Detection Using YOLO and Faster RCNN on Edge Devices

Chen-Kang Chiu, Jung-Chun Liu, Yu-Wei Chan and Chao-Tung Yang


The application of artificial intelligence to support behavior recognition by zebrafish: A study based on deep learning models

Yi-Ling Fan, Fang-Rong Hsu, Jing-Yaun Lu, Min-Jie Chung and Tzu-Ching Chang


A Survey of Speech Recognition for People with Cerebral palsy

Yu-Ru Wu, Jason C Hung and Jia-Wei Chang


Exploring Game-Based Learning Based on Social Cognitive Theory in EFL class

Yu-Ting Fu, Pei-Hsuan Lin, Mu-Yen Chen and Chia-Chen Chen


Fire and Smoke Detection using YOLO through Kafka

Kai-Yu Lien, Jung-Chun Liu, Yu-Wei Chan and Chao-Tung Yang


mKIPS: A Lightweight Modular Kernel-Level Intrusion Detection and Prevention System

Yuan-Zheng Yi and Mei-Ling Chiang


Using Convolutional Neural Network to Assist Teachers Detecting Test Sheet Cognition Level

Wen-Chih Chang and Charoenwat Moocharoen


SIAR: An Effective Model for Predicting Game Propagation

Tianyi Wang, Guodong Ye, Xin Liu, Rui Zhou, Jinke Li and Tianzhi Wang


Symbolic Regression Using Genetic Programming with Chaotic Method-based Probability Mappings

Pu Cao, Yan Pei and Jianqiang Li


Exploring the Potential of Webcam-Based Eye-Tracking for Traditional Eye-Tracking Analysis

Cheng-Hui Chang, Jason C. Hung and Jia-Wei Chang


Fuzzy Proximity Two-Dimension Inductance Gesture Recognition System Analysis and Implement

Chao-Ting Chu and Jia-Wei Chang


New group-key-based Over The Air (OTA) Update Model Facilitating security and efficiency Using MQTT 5

Hung-Yu Chien, Nian-Zu Wang, Yuh-Min Tseng and Ruo-Wei Hung


Big data and Network Analysis in National Innovation Systems: The Roles of Academia, Industry, and Government Research Institutes and their Interactions

Eun Sun Kim, Yunjeong Choi, Jeongeun Byun


A Practical Application using Big Data and ioT

Hwa-Young Jeong, Jinho Ahn and Hackyoon Kim

International Conference on Machine Learning on FinTech, Security and Privacy - MLFSP2023

Zero Trust Maturity Dual Assessment Model: Incorporating Technical and Organizational Insights

Research on the Construction Path of Teaching Workshops from the Perspective of Structural-Functionalism Theory

Research on the Application of Generative Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Design Teaching at a Taiwan University of Science and Technology

An Action Research on Learning Communities -An Example of a Learning Community Organization

Forward-Stepwise Regression Analysis to Establish the Optimal Combination of Trends in Renewable Energy Development in Taiwan

Investigating the Development of an AI-Based Classification System for Detecting Sarcopenia in the Elderly through Gait and Posture Analysis.

The Application of Generative Artificial Intelligence Technology in Conversational Robots

Perception of Musical Intervals through Mobile Learning Model Based on the Scaffolding Strategy with Separating Single Note Building



The new paradigm of Safe and Sustainable Transportation: Urban Air Mobility

Muhammad Yeasir Arafat and Sungbum Pan


Fusion Self-Attention Feature Clustering Mechanism Network for Person ReID

Mingshou An, Hye-Youn Lim, Yunchuan He and Dae-Seong Kang


A study on how to generate fire data from video/image using the F-guess and ROI method

Jong-Sik Kim, Hye-Youn Lim, Dae-Seong Kang


Bicycle hazard detection application based on optical radar detection module

News Analyzer: A System for Combating Fake News on Facebook

Portfolio Optimization Using No-Regret Online Learning: A Case Study on US Stocks

Using Large Language Models as Non Player Character in Role Playing Games

Game Content Generation of Super Mario Bros. Using Interactive Evolutionary Computation

Dream Bunny Wonderland

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