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Primary scope 

  • Cutting-edge theory and application of computing, such as artificial intelligence, AI ethics and AI environmental impact, the 5th generation networks, blockchain, communication system, cybersecurity, natural-inspired system

  • Frontier quantum computing in Hardware and Software, such as architectures, accelerators, algorithms, and models, approximate, analog, inexact, probabilistic computing, neuromorphic, biologically-inspired computing, and optical computing,

  • Emerging computing theories, methods and applications, such as machine learning, deep learning, and big data analytics, such as, soft computing, chaotic system, novel architecture systems, internet of things, high performance data analytics, data visualization interdisciplinary applications.

  • Advanced design for human inside machine, such as human and social computing in well-being, science, health, culture, government, education, knowledge, learning, commerce, business, education, tourism, social networks research, social software.

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International Journal of Frontier Computing

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