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The 9th International Conference on Frontier Computing (FC2019)
Considering recent advances and emergence in information technology, and computer science and engineering, a comprehensive understanding to the essence of these realms, and their derivatives, becomes a challenging issue and a key to innovate future computing paradigm. The term, Frontier Computing (FC) -which covers a wide spectrum of computing, such as cloud computing, ubiquitous computing, green computing, service computing, etc.- seeks for all possibility from these existing computing paradigms to craft new discoveries and applications that will shape the future. The aim of International Conference on Frontier Computing - Theory, Technologies and Applications attempts to provide an open forum for sharing and discussion of state-of-the-art results covering all aspects of computer science and engineering by researchers, and industries as well, all over the world. This will be the fifth event of the series, in which fruitful results can be found in the digital library or conference proceedings of FC 2010 (Taichung, Taiwan), FC 2012 (Xining, China), FC 2013 (Gwangju, Korea), FC2015 (Bangkok, Thailand), FC2016 (Tokyo, Japan), FC2017 (Osaka, Japan), FC2018 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), and FC_ABH (Taichung, Taiwan). This conference is expected to bring together researchers and practitioners from both academia as well as industry to meet and share cutting-edge development in the field. Significant contributions in all major fields of the Computer Science and Information Technology in theoretical and practical aspects are highly welcomed.
Final Program
Photo of FC2019
  • Honorary Chairs
    Han-Chieh Chao, National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan
    Hideyuki Takagi, Kyushu University, Japan


  • Steering Chairs
    Jason C. Hung, National Taichung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
    Neil Y. Yen, University of Aizu, Japan


  • General Chair
    Jen-Shiun Chiang, Tamkang University, Taiwan


  • Vice General Chair
    Qingguo Zhou, Lanzhou University, China


  • Program Chairs
    Yan Pei, University of Aizu, Japan
    Jia Wei Chang, National Taichung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
    Hai Jiang, Arkansas State University, USA
    Pedro, Peris López, Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain
    Zhou Rui, Lanzhou University, China
    Daniel Shapiro, Clockrr Inc., Canada
    Mahdi Zamani, Yale Univesity, USA
    Lin Hui, Tamkang University, Taiwan


  • Program Co-Chairs
    Dmitry Novikov, Institute of Control Sciences V. A. Trapeznikov, Academy of Sciences, Russia


  • Workshop Chairs
    Carmen Camara, Technical University of Madrid, Spain
    Shih-Nung Chen, Asia University, Taiwan
    Young-Ae Jung, Sun Moon University, Korea
    Sujata Pandey, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, India
    Jun Shen, University of Wollongong, Australia
    Gerald Schaefer, Loughborough University, U.K.
    Wei-Chen Wu, Hsin Sheng College of Medical Care and Management, Taiwan
    Chih-Chuan Yeh, Overseas Chinese University, Taiwan


  • Special Session Chairs
    Kuan-Chou Lai, National Taichung University of Education, Taiwan
    Jenn-Wei Lin, Fu-Jen University, Taiwan
    Xinghua Sun, Hebei North University, China
    Chengjiu Yin, Kobe University, Japan
    Xiaokang Zhou, Shiga University, Japan
    Yishui Zhu, Chang'an University, China


  • Publicity Chairs
    Soumya Banerjee, Birla Institute of Technology, India
    Jindrich Kodl, Authorised expert in security of information systems, Czech Republic
    Min-Feng Lee, National Museum of Natural Science, Taiwan
    Poonphon Suesaowaluk, Assumption University of Thailand, Thailand
    Shing-Chern You, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan
    Linjing Wei, Gansu Agricultural University, China
    Jun-Hong Shen, Asia University, Taiwan
    Ching-Ta Lu, Asia University, Taiwan
    Goldina Ghosh, Indian Institute of Information Technology, India


  • Competition Chairs
    Chuan-Feng Chiu, Minghsin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
    Yi-Chun Liao, China University of Technology, Taiwan


  • Website Chairs
    Kuan-Hua Lai, University of Aizu, Japan


  • Local Arrangement Chair
    Yung-Hui Chen, LungHwa University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

       YenJou Wang, University of Aizu, Japan

Committee Members

​FC2019 took place at Kitakyushu International Conference Center, Kitakyushu, Japan.


Kitakyushu International Conference Center ( KICC )

The FC2019 final program is now available for download
Official proceeding of FC2019 (published by Springer) can be downloaded at
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